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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EST

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20th. good morning, everyone. a quick school delay to till about. schools in garrett county, maryland, are escalator two hours this morning. again, garrett county schools in maryland delayed. >> they got some snow out there last night. tucker barnes is standing by to tell us what we might expect. maybe a wintry mix. >> hi, tony. you are hinting. cold air is working in from the north and west. 32 in fredericksburg, 23 in haggerstown. ocean city in the 40s about an hour ago. we should wake up with a decent amount of sunshine. the clouds will move in quickly ahead of the next system and we have in the forecast a potential for, as tony mentioned, some wintry weather around here, starting later this evening overnight tonight
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into early saturday morning. want to show you the vie advisories that already have been posted. there is indication these may expand a little further easement out towards haggerstown, all under a winter storm watch. there is concern of ice accumulation. the main event is going to be sleet and freeing rain. because of that, we have a storm watch. >> early sunshine, chilly temperature, 38 the daytime high. let's do some traffic. julie wright is there this morning. >> we are checking out the current sky fox. we'll get to the live shot in a minute. they are hovering over an accident on 28 and compton road. northbound i-95, not a bad ride. all the lanes here are open headed out towards 95. 395 traffic will slow as you approach duke street from
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seminary road. heads up as you try to work your way through southeast washington. on the other side of town in virginia, the inner loop of the beltway, traveling between 236 and gallows road as you guys push north up the west side leaving annandale. let's check in with the crew on sky fox. accident activity southbound activity. some traffic now able to get by on that southbound stretch, single file to the west. this is on the southbound side. definitely a rubber necking delay as you can see. fire and rescue remains there as well the south of 66, single file to the west getting by. that's a look at the fox 5 ontime traffic. julie, new this morning, we began overseas in southern afghanistan where we have learned that six american marines died over night. their helicopter crashed in helmand province.
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nato is investigating the cause of the crash and says there was no enemy activity in the area. that's desite a claim by the taliban that claims to have shot down that helicopter. the crash is the deadliest one since 30 soldiers died in a helicopter attack back in august. we are also getting reports that an afghan soldier shot and killed four french soldiers in another part of afghanistan, forcing the french president to suspend all training of afghan soldiers now to today's other top stories. a police standoff in southeast washington has come to an end. it comes with a traffic stop in alexandria late last night. fairfax police attempted to pull over a car on telegraph road and northeast highway. but the suspect took off. they fold the car to northwest d.c. where the suspect jumped out and barricaded himself into a home. we got word that the suspect
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was taken into custody. no word on the suspect's identity or what, if any, charges will be filed. police identified a suspect. a linda america corkel asked for help, forcing the elderly woman to withdraw money from a bank account. police are still looking for mccorkel and a second woman may be involved in that theft the search continues for the parents of a baby girl left on a porch. a vigil is being held for the two-year-old girl who died. just ask god to forgive you. i mean, how could you? how could you put a baby? she didn't ask to be born.
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neighbors say they hope this case will bring attention to the city's safe haven law. she was dropped off a mu doors away from a safe haven. last chance for republican candidates to convince voters ahead of tomorrow's primary. fox's doug luzzader is joining us from capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, allison. the south carolina primary is tonight you can tell it from the tone of some of the candidate that the race is tightening. you can barely hear mitt romney say that. >> i know when it's time to make a strategic retreat. >> reporter: just hours earlier, rick perry had dropped
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out, endorsing newt gingrich, but bad news for gingrich, too. appearing on abc news, his ex- wife accused him of once asking her for an open marriage so he can continue an affair with his current wife, callista. >> do you want to respond? >> no but i will. i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that >> gingrich called the story false and the other three on stage chose not to pile on. the guy on the war path, though, last night, rick santorum, slamming both gingrich and romney for once slamming health care reform similar to president obama's. >> i've been fighting for health reform, private sector bottom up, the way america works best for 20 years while these two guys were playing footies with the left. >> romney scolded the others for attacking his record. i don't recall a single day saying, thank heaven washington is there for me. thank heaven. i said, please, get out of my
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way. let me start as which and put americans to work. >> and that back to work theme carried through the night. >> most of the things that the federal government could do to get us back to work is get out of the way. [ cheers ]. >> i have an off to the parents of america. elect us and your kids will be able to move out because they'll have work. [ cheers ]. >> and, you know, as you can hear, that's the line that went over pretty well. some of the most recent poll show that newt gingrich has a very, very narrow lead over mitt romney, within the margin of error but it shows that this race is getting very, very close as we come down to the wire. >> gingrich came out really strong with his reaction when he was asked about his ex- wife's interview. any sense of how this played with voters? did they seem to like that? was it a little too negative and strong? any order word on what voters in the palmeito state might make of that.
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>> we'll have to see what kind of polling comes out in the wake of this debate. it's always the gingrich theme to lash out at the news media. it goes over very well and may work with south carolina voters. you have a lot of evangelical christians in south carolina who were not too comfortable with his marital his troy begin with and this is playing into that past. >> thank you, doug former gop candidate for president herman cain is clear who he is endorsing. the american people. he told the crowd we are the ones that will have to lead this revolution. take nor what it is. it is hosted for comedy central stephen colbert who has thrown his support behind cain who is no longer a presidential candidate. meanwhile, president obama is making his own pitch,
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attending an event, a fundraiser. >> i am just as determined now as i was then, and if you are willing to stand alongside me, we will knock those obstacles out the way. we will reach for that vision of america that we believe in, in our hearts and change will come. if you will work harder this time than you did last time, change will come. >> tickets for the president's speech cost $100 each. allison, mayors from more than 70 cities are joining forces to support gay marriage. mayors for the freedom to marry will be launched this morning at the conference. chicago mayor, rahm emanuel
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pledged to defend the rights. a maryland couple claim they are victim of discrimination. >> they claim they were discriminated against because they are gay. sherry li has the story. >> good morning. that couple had been together for 11 years. and they are legal spouses. now, they have filed that complaint with health and human services saying that washington adventist hospital here discriminated against them because they are gay. now, linda cole arrived at the hospital with cat. the hospital would not allow cat to be with linda until her sister arrived. a new federal law says that
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hospitals that accept that receive medicaid or medicare not to discriminate. >> a woman at the front desk said, we have family here now, and let kristen back and kristen brought linda back. and as they were about to cross the door, kristen took linda's hand and said, i know what just happened here. >> now, the hospital claims that this was all a misunderstanding and that linda was stopped by the e.r. receptionist because cat was receiving emergency treatment. the patient, they say, has to be assessed first before anyone is allowed in. that's the latest here in takoma park. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is now 7:11 on this friday morning. occupy protesters back at it today. the latest target, the nation's highest court. and the cruise ship in
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italy facing another problem, mother nature and the turf war continues in the district. details of a new proposal after months of consideration. and we have a live look outside as we go to the break. not a bad view. we do see a little backup there. this is i-395 at duke street. tucker barnes will be here with the weather and julie wright will talk to us about traffic. stay with us. us.  ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card
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♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. 7:15. back now with a live look out of italy where the costa concordia cruise ship has shifted again. that has forced rescuers to suspend their search.
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meanwhile, a former crew member defended the captain saying that the captain saved thousands of lives and never abandoned ship. he is ski under house arrest a gay protest planned in more than 100 cities. demonstrators say they will occupy the courts today to pro pest the land mark supreme court decision that removed corporate and federal spending. the group called move to amend will kick off a petition drive to get an amendment to the constitution thousands of evacuations are underway in parts oregon. a winter storm followed by warmer temperatures caused major flooding in much of the pacific northwest. oregon's governor has declared a state of emergency and in washington state, a thick layer of ice brought the seattle area into a stand still, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. officials warn flooding in the state could become a concern in the days to come.
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>> wintertime. >> hit hard out there? meanwhile, nothing much here of course not a lot but maybe later tonight, we'll get a first real taste of that wintry mix that we don't like that we often get here in the wintertime. but today is fine. tomorrow morning, look like we could have a period of sleet and freezing rain around here. >> at least until saturday. >> just a period. >> right, by 10:00 tomorrow morning, it will shift to rain. let's kick it off with the temperatures in washington. that clipper came in here kind of rocking cold. afternoon high temperature, you are looking at them, 36, 38 degrees. we're going to be a lot warmer. detroit, five degrees for you. cold core there. minneapolis, 3 degrees. seattle, still at the freezing mark, 32. you can see for a change, we've got some real cold temperatures across the lower 48 this morning. new orleans right now, 68. all right. one-two combinations here.
7:18 am
rain showers down toward mississippi and alabama and snow up towards chicago. they're going to kind of gang up on us. area of low pressure will track right to the south of our area and drag in just enough moisture and the cold is going to stick around just long enough that we're going to see a brief period of snow tonight and that's going to transition into freezing rain and sleet. again, the timing on that, any time after about 10:00 or 11:00 tonight, through tomorrow morning, maybe sen or 8:00. south of the iety, generally a rain event. north and west, that's where the most problem will occur and you have storm watch for several communities there like winchester, martinningburg. you have a winter storm watch. there is the 5:00 day. should transition to rain and then 52 by tuesday. back in the 50s next week. >> crazy weather. 56 on monday is what you have there. i like that >> everybody likes that >> up and down. >> that's okay. as long as it goes up.
7:19 am
>> here is julie with the latest on traffic. they pick on the aiming other desk and you forget my name? >> no, i didn't forget your name. >> you are like, here is umm, umm, umm, that one in the corner. you know, that one in the corner there. >> julie, you are unforgettable. don't ever worry about it. ♪ unforgettable >> why does it sound funny when tony says that? >> south of compton road, we have the accident activity involved in the tractor trailer. traffic is able too get by to the left as you travel southbound along 28. no incidents to report on the northbound side. on the other side of bound, coming from falls road headed toward the split, traffic volume moving at speed here. outer loop not too bad. traveling outbound across the sousa bridge, that's where i have the stalled car, stay to the right in order to get by. that's the check for fox 5
7:20 am
ontime traffic. thank you, julie. >> fox 5 monitoring metro. two veteran employees are charged with stealing from the transit agency. in court yesterday, prosecutor the say that horseas dexter mcdade would service fare cards machines that neither needed to replenish or emptied and used the coins to purchase scratch off ticket. eventually, they would more than $60,000. police were able to track them using the gps devices attached to their car. officials wanted a 20 crept tax on plastic bags but changed their mind. virginia shoppers we talked to seemed to be prepared for anything. >> i think whether it a nickel or 20 crept, it will change people's behavior many the
7:21 am
important part is getting people to realize that there is a cost with certain behaviors. i don't think asking people to -- if you have a problem wit, bring a canvas bag and don't pay for it. >> lawmakers say that the taxis about cutting pollution, not making money. they'll present an amendment for a five-cent tax this morning. d.c. regulators are focusing on a new law now about trucks. the proposal reportedly addresses parking. currently, through trucks can be forced to move if they don't have anyone waiting in line. under this plan, most vendors can use the parking meters. >> i have something to say about the bag tax. yes. >> i was talking to a
7:22 am
gentleman. he mentioned if i'm in the mall and i got something from macy's, that identification was now gone. that's identification on the bag and also, shoplifting, because, now, i regularly walk out of places with stuff because i remember to bring things. interesting how we have to learn all these new behavior. hackers launch a retaliation after the government shut down a site and new research reveals a connection between your height and heartbeat. you still have a heartbeat and still be shawler size and get ready to be mystified. our annie were you is hanging out with a group of magicians. they are in town for the elephant row magic show which starts tonight. i think i'm getting my answer right there. we'll check later with annie. 
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welcome back. 7:25 now. a day after the fed shut down one of the world's biggest sharing fight called megaupload, hackers say they took down the justice department site for retaliation. hackers from a group called unanimous are claiming credit for taking down six websites, not only the justice department but music studios. the u.s. education department wants to know how you feel about cheating. they are asking for public input at developing guidelines to prevent and detect cheating at schools. they will use your recommendations. this effort is in response to the numerous cheating scandals that have come to light recently. tony? >> a new study finds tall men
7:27 am
are less likely to develop heart failure than short men. the study does not prove a few extra inches protects the heart. amists say that it's possible that short and tall people are different in other ways that could affect the heart and something in the biology of taller people might decrease stress in the heart. data from the study came from 22,000 male doctors followed by more than 20 years. >> essentially, we have some information but don't know what it means. >> isn't that always the case? >> yes, it is. >> perry drops out the gingrich attacks the media. santorum wins in iowa and romney's lead in south carolina shrinks. >> that was just yesterday in the race for the white house. we'll break it all down coming up next. and a look outside. a slick winter weather is coming to parts of our area. just what will it bring? we'll show you what happens. and julie wright will have the latest on the friday commute.
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39 degrees now. 
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who does not love cute little animals doing humanistic things. meet winkleheimer smith.
7:31 am
this squirrel was rescued which an artist after having a run-in with a cat. it now spend the day indoors with her owner all the time and has picked up painting as her hobby. >> did she paint that baby head? >> what is she painting? looks like momma is doing a lot of painting. >> i think that looks look an acorn there. >> yeah, that is an acorn. >> all right. >> that was a shot of the clock. >> you think that is the good name? >> winkleheimer. >> you know what i got out of the story, you can be friends with a squirrel. >> very obviously. i never thought that you could, though. >> are you supposed to have that? very closely, with that bushy
7:32 am
tail, squirrel and rat. you look at the rat, cute. you look at a rat, disgusting. >> and squirrels can paint. >> elephants can paint. all kind of animals can paint. >> chimps. >> not me, though. let's get to it. right now, our temperature at reagan national in the 30s, we are on the cold side to start your morning. it will be a cold day. listen, even this afternoon with some sunshine building in here in the next couple of hours. definitelily bundle up here. it's going to be chilly when kits head home. 27 in frederick. that temperature is falling. haggerstown, when i got here this morning, haggerstown was 34 degrees. it's now 20 degrees there. they have fallen 14 degrees. a lot to talk about, trying to get it in here quickly. wake-up with sunshine. clipper out of here. we have this little piece of energy still flying. they have a winter storm watch
7:33 am
in chicago. that's going to come gliding in here later this afternoon and tonight. the clouds move in this afternoon and tonight, we will be dealing with the potential for a little wintry mix, not going to be a lot of moisture available for the system but it's not going to take a lot as the temperatures are going to be at or below freezing. we are thinking a quick burst of snow, and then it will quickly transition over to sleet and the dreaded freezing rain as we get closer to daybreak. south and east of the city, mostly rain. that's where most of the problems are likely as is traditional around here. we have a winter storm watch issued for those counties in blue. winter storm watch and the big culprit here, ice accumulation. we could see a little ice accumulation here during the late night hours. chilly temps, mention the winter storm watch tonight 30
7:34 am
your overnight low. we will be below freezing here in washington. here is the forecast. hope family we'll get to the 40s to. just happening in there. 50s by monday and tuesday. that's a look at weather and i'm going to send it to julie wright. good friday morning. >> all right. to the crew in sky fox. southbound 28 south of 66 in tomorrow ton road. still there in play. they're going to roll had out of your way. north bound, all of your lanes are open. taking it back inside, we'll update the ridell square. as you travel springfield up toward 66, about a 20 minute. 395 slow between duke street and king street and that ramp to go north bound on 295, that's where you have a stalled car. stay to the right to get by. that's a check on fox 5 ontime traffic.
7:35 am
a lot of new developments this week from the campaign trail ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary. last night, the republican presidential candidate took to the stage for their second debate this week. and that was just hours after rick perry dropped out of the race and newt gingrich's ex- wife dropped some bomb shells to say the least. joining us now for a recap, adam tragone, manager of human answer newspaper. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too? let's talk about south carolina. man, two debate. action-packed week. let's talk about the last debate beside all the newt gingrich's personal message. how did the candidates do with the narrow field? >> narrow field en lielivens the debate. santorum can shine. he is a former senator from
7:36 am
pennsylvania, relates very well to south carolina toey van cal and he had good shots on the front runner mitt romney and gingrich. he both attacked them for their stances on health care. mitt romney for his romney care in massachusetts and for speaker gingrich supporting an individual mandate. senator santorum, he certainly did a very good job, probably his best debate of the season so far. >> pretty good timing on that, the primary comes quickly tomorrow. early polling on this or what's the sense who will take that primary tomorrow? >> i think because of speaker gingrich's performance last night, coupled with the fact that he is basically playing a home game, you know, he is a former speaker of the house from the state of georgia, and he relates to evangelicals as well with the problem with the wives and things like that, that could be a stumble block for him. but with polls showing the speaker leading right now in some polls in south carolina,
7:37 am
some averages ppp along with real clear politics, gingrich is favored at this juncture. today will be a very interesting day on the campaign trail. his response last night to john king's question about his wife was a home run, maybe even a grand slam. >> do you think that was well received then? >> without question. the speaker has shown this throughout this whole campaign, whether it's chris wallace or juan williams. he uses that foil that the moderator to spin his sort of understanding that the media and the left are in cahoots. that resonates with republicans. >> by all accounts, he was programs not expecting that. it seemed like he had talked with abc before to sort of get that question cold, you felt that that response was the one
7:38 am
that was needed for him? >> oh, absolute will. i would not say it was cold, allison. he definitely expected it at some point. if anything, he didn't expect it as the first question. he made it abundantly clear that he was appalled by it being the first question. >> let's talk about old news making new news. the iowa caucus, much was made that he got a win. now, we see that these eight precincts, their votes were not -- or their handwritten votes were not counted and rick santorum may actually have been the winner in iowa. my question to you is, is it enough like the perception that, hairks he probably did win by these 34 vote although we won't ever, ever, ever really know. >> i think the momentum rick santorum received from iowa was negligeable, even though he did come in a very, very close second. but, now, as you said, with the votes being tallied, he is winning.
7:39 am
governor romney has a strong, strong base of support, a strong ground game across the country. and a lot of money to go along with that. senator santorum just really didn't receive a bump. with the recount with him leading, i still don't think that's enough for him to make hey to be the party's nominee. >> last question before we let you go, adam. let's talk about the fact that rick perry dropped out of this race. he throws his support behind newt gingrich. is that a surprise? >> i don't see it as a price, allison. governor perry is a conservative and certainly among conservatives and republican voters, mitt romney is not a conservative for his flip flops, his stance on health care, his romney care as it's been called in massachusetts, and some life issues that was a result of some that have legislation in
7:40 am
massachusetts. it's not really that surprising that rick perry endorsed the former speaker. they have been friends for a while. and they are more ideologically aligned than with the former governor of massachusetts. >> this is adam tragone. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> back to you, tony. iran steps up a crackdown on an iconic american toy. and how does your company measure up when it comes to best places to work the we'll we'll take a look at that. and we have a look at savings on botox, facial pills
7:41 am
and lip enhancement. look for my fox half off on the right side of the home page. we'll be back.  ♪ that aroma calls to you ♪ time to jump in to something new ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup since time began. not anymore. fiber one is bringing brownies back. at 90 calories, the only thing between you and chocolaty brownies... ♪ a nicely designed package. ♪ you can have brownies again. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. in the granola bar aisle. caramel...pretzel
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at 11:00 this morning, arlington cemetery will lay to rest one of the original red tail pilots. later tonight, about 50 of his family members will see the premiere of that movie in georgetown. well, it seems like barbie is not welcome in iran. iranian news source says that the country is shutting down dozens of toy stores of selling barbie dolls. police officers are also allegedly confiscating barbies as part of that ban which has been around since the mid- 1990s. >> internet search giant google topped the list of companies to work for. the internet site said -- and
7:45 am
who can beat their employee cafi with free food. >> and on the list, wegman which continues toke paind into maryland, virginia and didn't c. it was number 4. marriott is 57. mclane's booze allen hamilton was 84th. capital one and navy federal credit union were new on this list. number 98 for capital 1 and number 95 for nfcu. very good. >> google, free food in the california. that would be so lovely. >> that's great. >> tucker? >> lots of money, that's what they are making. >> the forecast is calling for a little wintertime weather. >> that's free. >> that's always free. the weather is always free. so is the free app. we'll tell you about that later. tony, very nice. >> there is the sat right. there are some clouds moving in. we're going to watch an area of low pressure develop to our south and that's going to team
7:46 am
up with the moisture that you see towards chicago. that's going to move through here into some cold air sew thank you fast starting at 11. we're going to get some snow and that dreaded win tri mix. there we are at midnight. notice that band of snow across north central maryland and the pink. the pink is the she had and freezing rain. most of the problem should be from the district north and west. the ice accumulation could be towards winchester and haggerstown. you could see up to a quarter inch of ice. we'll get it all out of heres
7:47 am
to not take a lot of ice to cause problems. so be weary here. highs in the 50s by monday and tuesday. >> very good. >> anything you want to tell us about? >> yeah, absolutely. >> you want more information on our storm moving in? get the fox 5 weather app. it is absolutely free. go to the apple store. go to the droid market and get it free. we have hourly forecast, ten- day forecast, and even occasionally we tweet. we'll tweet more as the storm approaches. >> lots of good stuff there. let's go to julie right with the latest of what's happening on the roads. >> i've been tweeting about this, accident eastbound along 66 as you make your way past
7:48 am
123. vdot is get them out of the road. leaving tear oaks headed towards 123, again, wall-to- wall traffic stacking up and slow on your ride as you travel in bound. tacking it back inside, we'll update the ride on the other side of town about a 17 minute right and, of course, southbound across the sousa bridge, stalled car now clear. could you soon be able to drive on the shoulder on i-270? we are not supposed to do that now? [ laughter ]. >> some officials are pushing for it to ease traffic jams. according to the fred ricks news post, the transportation committee made that plan. the maryland state highway administration says that the project would require more discussion and a feasibility study. off the wall, magic mixed
7:49 am
with a comedy. annie yu is live. are you surviving the magicians? i am surviving so far. i think you're going to love what we have here. the elephant magic room is here in town at arena stage. all three are spending the morning with us. coming up, we'll get to know them and all about what their show has to offer. back to you. >> annie, thank you. >> we want to say good morning to maurice holden who is taking credit for the wizards' big win over the nba's top team. he says that the wizards only win when maurice has a chance to catch the game. where have you been, maurice? he promises to never miss another game. there is no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under this great photo. go wizards. see you after the break at 7:49
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arena stage is going to be transformed into a misty call place of wonder. >> the elephant room magic show is in town until february 26th and our very own annie yu is with them. annie, don't step into this one thing where they stab you with swords. >> don't get cut in half. >> i would never do that. i'm spending time with magicians, they are not omaha gists but comedy. we have darryl hannah, dennis stineman and louis magic. let's talk about the elephant room. what's the title about and what's the show like?
7:54 am
>> elephant room is the name of our society, magic society. >> it's a secret society so don't tell anybody who is watching. it's mostly the artists that we work with are interested in bringing that story to the forefront. we are excited about that name. that's where the name comes from. >> where people come out to your show, set it us for up. they come to this lobby at, this is where you are seeing this theater, the coggart cradle. you walk up this amazing spiral scare case and end up in the most beautiful theater and you see a show that turns your mind into swiss cheese >> reporter: you never know what's going to happen like right now. what are you doing for us? >> i'm just prepping for the next thing. this is a balloon animal. that's an allied art of magic.
7:55 am
there is vein ventriloquism. it's a mac gentlemen sho. i can tate what it is,multiply sit by 25 -- >> 36 at least. you have a combination of magic show and other shows combined into one. >> your lower intestine, right, you don't know where it starts. >> this is a morning show. behave yourself. let's talk a little bit about other stuff. what are people going to experience and they say, how do you do that? >> we do mind reading. mostly, this is a stage illusion show. >> dennis -- this is a morning show. people are having their cereal. please don't try that at home. it is school blue so you can actually eat it. >> i want to teach you today. you know, this is going to be a balloon animal.
7:56 am
first, you want to go four fingers in like this and pinch and twist. that's it. you have to commit to it. and then you bend it around like this and then you're going to go just twice it like that. and then -- you are doing absolutely fabulous. >> i have spoons in one art aren't she is already an allied artist. you're going to pinch right here. keep going. you are doing great. >> yep. you have it halfway. >> and then you just keep on going like this and you're going to pinch it through just the front part. you take the knob, where you blew it up at the beginning and then you get a little animal here. what kind of an animal is that? >> that's an elephant. >> that does not look like an elephant. >> this is an elephant? >> well, all right. coming up in the next half hour, we'll see magic tricks, right? >> that's right? the elephant room show is here at arena stage. log on here to my
7:57 am
back to you. >> take it easy. >> you want to ask about the teeth? later on, i want to know about their hair and their teeth. anything fabricated going on there. >> let's talk -- they want to talk about your hair and your teeth. >> okay. >> later. you ask them privately. >> we'll talk about it in the next hour. >> okay. >> i sure hope it's all fake. >> if not, you really insulted them. >> coming up in the next half hour, legendary actress merryl streep talks about her latest show. how she was able to handle such an iconic role. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the 17th reap cap debate began with a bang. not only were they fighting each other but lashing out at the media and a police chase that startd in fairfax county ended with an hour long standoff at a home in d.c woof new details in
8:01 am
this case and she's already won a golden globe from her role in the iron lady. now, there is a lot of buzz surrounding merryl streep and the oscars. sarah simmons goes one on one with the actress ahead this hour. very special i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. before we get a check on the weather, we don't want to mention that garrett county schools are on a two-hour delay. so that's garrett county, maryland. tucker barnes is here to tell us what we can expect for today and tomorrow. >> temperatures will only be in the mid-30s. that's going to be on the chilly side. and that's setting the stage for the wintry event tonight. let's take a look at the temperatures and reagan national, 36 degrees. 36 at reagan national. haggerstown, when i got here early, haggerstown was 34 degrees. temperatures are now falling off. ocean city, 36 geez.
8:02 am
colder air working in. we will have some breezy conditions with winds out the north. clouds will move in. the bottom line is that bay later tonight, we're going to have a wintry mix, starting with a quick burst of snow and then transition over to sleet and freezing rain and that's the real concern, gutting ice accumulations, particularly north and west of the city. we have not had a lot of winter weather to talk about so far this season but looks like we have a potential for one tonight. there is the advisories. up in pennsylvania, that's a winter weather vice rhythm i want you to focus off to our north and west. winter storm watch for our viewing area in purple. we may see this extended later today by the national weather service. more on the forecast in just a minute.
8:03 am
>> thanks, tucker. >> yep. >> here is julie wright with the latest on traffic. 66 popped up with an accident not too long ago, just east of 50. significant tie-ups for those traveling eastbound on 66. from the left to the right side of the screen, that is the commuter traffic. we just lost that shot but that is the commute coming off 50. trying to merge in bound. meanwhile, well north of town, thinks where we have more problems, eastbound i-70 police fire and rescue on the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. thanks, julie. new this morning, six u.s. marines die in afghanistan. there are helicopter crashed in
8:04 am
southern afghanistan. nato is investigating the cause of that crash and says there was no enemy activity in that area despite claims that the taliban made. they have just released a statement claiming that it shot down a chinook. the crash is the deadliest since 30 soldiers died in a helicopter attack back in august this morning, an afghan soldier shot and killed four french troops in the eastern part of afghanistan. that's the worst attack on french troops in the ten years they have been there. right after the shooting, the president of france suspended all training of afghan troops and is threatening to pull all french troops virginia governor making headlines in the gop presidential race. just one day before the south carolina primary. bob mcdonnell will endorse front runner mitt romney at a rally. the boost for romney comes as
8:05 am
the gop candidates debated last night. and there was fire work. >> i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country. >> newt gingrich goes on the attack following recent allegations made public by his ex-wife. >> to take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary, a significant question in a presidential campaign is as close to despicable as anything i can imagine. >> mitt romney's financial wealth has come under scrutiny for which he makes no apology. >> let me tell you. i know there are some who are very anxious to see if they can't make it more difficult for a campaign. i know the democrats want to go after the fact that i have been successful. >> rick santorum.
8:06 am
i'm not the most flamboyant, gets the most applause but i'm steady. i'm going to go out there and make barack obama. >> and what may be the most comical comment. >> i have an offer to the parents of america. elect us and your kids will be able to move out because they'll have work. >> south carolina will be a very critical vote. for more than 30 years, every republican winner there has gone on to wen the party nomination. in new york, mayor mary ann riafferty. a suspect is now in custody after a standoff in southeast washington. this began with a traffic stop late last night in alexandria. police attempted to pull over a
8:07 am
car near telegraph road and north kings highway. they followed that car into southeast d.c. where the driver ran out and jumped into the home. d.c. police also responded to the car we learned that the suspect was taken into custody. a community is taking action after finding out about a suspicious man creeping around elementary schools. fairfax county police and residents held a meeting last night discussing what to do about the man who has been lurking around the area of clearmont elementary school. he has been seen in a red pickup truck five times in the last month. the latest incident happened earlier this week, leaving parents worried about the safety of their children. >> i'm very, very concerned, you know. i mean, so far as far as i know, he has not done anything wrong but it's suspicious and it's just a matter of time, it feels like.
8:08 am
so very, very concerned. >> so far, police say that the man has not done anything illegal. they are taking precautionary measures to pre investigate a crime from happening. >> the search continues for the parents of a baby girl left on a porch earlier this week. a vigil was held last night in the northeast neighborhood where she was found and later died. neighbors hope her parents come forward and do the right thing. they also hope that this case sheds light on d.c.'s safe haven laws in place to prevent tragedies leak this one. it is now 8 minutes after the hour on this friday morning. new audio recordings have been released between a crew member and a port official. you're going to hear that. we are talking, of course, about that cruise ship off the coast of italy. we'll hear more about that with we come back and things are drying out but tucker says that we could see some wintry weather in part oheathe forecast. remember, you can now check weather 24-7 with fox 5's new weather app. go to apple's app store or the
8:09 am
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8:12 am
search and rescue operations have once again been suspended for safety reasons in italy where a cruise ship ran aground and capsized. in the meantime, new audio recording show a crew member insisted the vessel only suffered a blackout. jonathan hunt with the latest now. >> reporter: new audio recordings released nearly a week after a luxury cruise ship went aground. this is part of a conversation between a port official and a crew member shortly after the ship struck rocks. >> we have a blackout and we are verifying the conditions on board. >> yes, the passengers say you made them put on life jackets. is that correct? i repeat, we are verifying the condition of the we'll be backout. >> the the ship's captain francesco schettino is under
8:13 am
house arrest. it is a tradition of the sea that the cap tape should be the last to leave a sinking ship but some in his hometown defended him. >> it's human error. he is a good guy. it could have happened to anyone. i think he just panicked. you can't judge someone without knowing what happened. >> the salvage company says it's ready to pump the fuel out of the $450 million ship over the coming days. >> the main concern is to remove the 2400-tons of diesel oil which are contained in the tanks of the vessel. the cruise ship was carrying over 4000 people when it slammed into the rocks. more than ten have been confirmed dead. about 20 are still missing. in new york, jonathan hunt, fox news. two veteran metro employees are charged with stealing from the transit agency.
8:14 am
in court, prosecutors said that they would systemally steal from malfunctioning machines and use the bags of coin to purchase scratch offlotto tickets. they eventual won more than $60,000. they were able to track down their movements by using the gps devices attached to their cars it's time now for tucker and with all of this winter weather on it way, we're going to need a warmup factor, too. >> you got that right, allison. let's get down to business. time now for my first 5 photo of the day. this is the friday edition. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is so pretty. >> this is ajaya. >> i believe that's right. >> this is ajaya at her first ballet recital. >> that's a classic picture. being an action shot. >> and the other little girls
8:15 am
are blurred out. >> kudos to whomever took that photo. to send your child's photo, go to fox you may need a little bit more than that ballet outfit when you heat outdoor because it's cold. rochester, 15. these are actual temperatures, detroit, 5 degrees. 32 in seattle where they continue to get some wintry weather. i mentioned the frozen mix because we had some wintry weather. tonight will quickly cloud up and combination of rain in the deep south and snow up toward chicago will bang up together
8:16 am
an an air afterlow pressure will approach the washington area and spread some moisture through here later tonight through tomorrow among. looks like temperatures will be just cold enough that we could see a little snow and that will transition to wintry mix, i.e. sleet and freezing rain later tonight and during the early morning hour saturday. we could have some ice accumulations across part of the area. chans are we'll be north and west of the city. there is a winter storm watch well north and west of the city. southeast, generally rain. there is the five-day. 38 this afternoon. hoping to get 040 tomorrow. overnight low, 40. we will be below freeing many by early next week, back into the 50s. that's not too bad for the end of january. that's a look at weather. let's do traffic and julie wright has a last look at your friday traffic. what's going on there? >> well, a lot. eastbound along 626, remains of that crash, east, lanes are
8:17 am
open. but bumper-to-bumper traffic coupling from 7100. 50 stacked up at at least a mile at this point. well north of town is where we have another problem, eastbound ape long i-70 before you reach 29. accident activity now, expect delays from the mariesville road. >> julie, thank you very much congressional republicans are on the attack after the obama administration says no to the keystone pipeline. that's one of the topics for this sunday. chris wallace is here. good morning, chris. good to see you. good to be with you. >> talking about the keystone project, you have someone to speak about it quite strongly. this has been overshadowed by the debates this week and what's going on. this seems to be a real dividing line, a line in the sand between the obama administration and the republicans. >> absolutely. first, let me say that because
8:18 am
of the late result on saturday, we'll have the late results on south carolina and we'll have reaction from the campaign, first sunday interview with the senior chief strategies for the romney campaign. he may not only have south carolina but the nomination wrapped up, maybe not so fast. we'll get him reacting to what have happens in south carolina. then, yes, we will be speaking to the speaker of the house, john boehner. remember, the state-of-the- union address is on tuesday night. one of the issues that we will be discussing with him is the president's decision on the keystone pipeline to put it off until after the election of 2013. you are right. that's a big dish, because there is -- while there is a-- there is a big difference because there is-did while there is disagreement on how
8:19 am
many jobs that be lee crated. the republicans says that's been studied to death. the president is putting it off because he does not want it tick off his environmental base. should be an interesting discussion. >> and you say we'll have results from saturday night. seems to me with everything that has gone on, even just during the last 24 hours with the republican campaigns, there is a lot to talk about there. as you indicated, for romney, is he going to get the deal done or not? if he were to win there after all of this and particularly going on to florida in ten days, which is an enormously expensive state, there are ten media market. he has a big organization on the ground, already spent millions of dollars on campaign ads there. if he wins south carolina and then folks have to look ahead to florida, you know, some of them may just say it's too expensive. i done want to go millions of
8:20 am
dollars in debt, i'm going to drop out. on the other hand if gingrich, the one closest to him in the polls were to beat him or tie chaim, another iowa where it's very, very close, then they may get -- gingrich might get and romney might get what the romney campaign always feared, a one on one campaign against one conservative, into the split field. that will be very interesting. to get the reaction, we don't know what it will be because we don't know what the results should be from the romney camp. >> we will be looking for it, chris. fox news sunday morning with tony wallace. see you then. >> thanks, romney. >> one of the world's largest sharing site, megaupload is shut down in virginia. federal prosecutors charged its founder with violating piracy law. it is accused of costing copyright holders at least $500 million in revenue.
8:21 am
the company is in hong kong but some of the site is hosted in ashburn, virginia. a proposed change in definition that could change you a -- health care we are now officially now in the elephant room. take a look now. this is where the magic happens, people. right now, we're going to witness some magic. go for it, dennis. >> we all heard of dentist'floss. we call this dennis floss. oh, that's incredible. back to you. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
8:22 am
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with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
8:24 am
d.c. regulators are focusing on food trucks they will propose creating vending development zones. that way, neighborhoods can decide how many of the trucks could allow in their area. the proposal also reportedly addressed parking. food trucks can be forced to move if they have no one in line. vendors can use parking meters but ice cream trucks and meat
8:25 am
vendors would have to abide by the moving rule researchers want to change the definition of autism. they are proposing tighter criteria hoping to reduce the rate at which autism is being diagnosed. the definition is currently under review by the american psychiatric association. at least one million adult and children have been diagnosed with autism or a related disorder. and there is good news to report for heart patients now. you can have a worry-free love life. the american heart association says t sex only slightly raises the chance of a heart attack for people with or without heart disease. as you can walk up two flights of stairs, you should be just fine in the bedroom, too. that's encouraging news. >> okay, very good. >> it is 8:25 right now. it is friday morning. >> yes, i agree. >> you say your loved one is in
8:26 am
an accident, chances are you would rush to the hospital if your loved one has been in accident. that's what one maryland got there. but when she got there, she was told she could not see them. we'll have more on that it is 8:26 now.
8:27 am
whatcha lookin' for hon? ah, these new jeans i want. i've been looking everywhere. new blue jeans? oh, don't be crazy,i've got tons of. ank! frank! get my jean bin, new blue jeans? oh, sie wants my jeans. got tons of. no she doesn't. here we go. nice and loose. ohhh. those are loose, but i actually just ordered three pairs of this kind. ooooohhhh. oh. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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it is now 8:29 on this friday morning. taking a look at some of the stories making head lines fast- moving fires in nevada destroyed 20 homes and forced the vice president to cut short a speech at a local high school. firefighters managed to stop the fire at arena high school where joe biden spoke earlier. 2000 people were forced to flee the flames prince george's county police have identified the suspect caught on surveillance tape at a bank of america. it is that woman, linda
8:30 am
mccorkel, accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman. police are still looking for her and a second woman who may have been involved in the theft. a proposal for a 20-cent taxis sparking intense debate in virginia. delegates say it's not to raise money but a new proposal could be 5 cents. >> you have not seen this, allison. watch this. >> the new movie underworld is starting today and we have a new trailer from the movie. >> and we can pretty much gawrpt tee that you won't be seeing this trailer anywhere else. take a look.
8:31 am
what are you do? let's go, go, go, go >> there are three behind them. this is not twilight werewolves much. >> what is going on right now. >> you drive. i don't think i should right now. >> you can catch kevin's review of underworld awakening and other movies out by going to my fox d.c. tomorrow and click on morning. >> very good. very good >> yeah, i was impressed. >> and it's scary at the end.
8:32 am
my goodness. came up. tony never does that. let's get to the forecast. i only have a minute and a half. >> sorry. >> you are looking good. >> thank you, allison. >> that's half the pat will here on morning television. 28 now in gaithersburg. off to the north and west. haggerstown, it's 20 degrees. it's gotten really cold here in a hurry. temperatures have fallen about 20 degrees. want to focus off to the north and west because that is where the worst of this wintry mix is going to be. you're going to get some precipitation. north and west, quick burst of snow and then we're going to watch the wintry mix take over as we get into the overnight hours. let's time it out for you a little bit. little sunshine here for the next couple of hours and clouds will start to roll in here.
8:33 am
area of low pressure with the rain showers down towards tennessee tracking south of the area and enough cold air will be trapped at the surface. we're going to get a wintry mix here. take a look at future cast. here we go. 8:00, fine. there we go. this is at midnight tonight. we are getting that burst of snow across north central virginia -- excuse me, maryland and across virginia, that's the wintry mix here. this is the real problem maker here. putting it into motion, look like the win tri mix sticks around here. changing to rain here south and east of the city. we have a winter storm watch. we'll get it all out of here. 38 this afternoon. notice the overnight lows
8:34 am
tonight. we'll get up to 40, hanging in there by monday and tuesday, back into the 50s. the cold won't stick around terribly long. that's a look at weather. allison and tony, back to you guys at the desk >> thank you so much, tucker a maryland couple claims that they are the victim of discrimination by a local hospital. they have now filed a complaint with the federal government. fox 5's sherrie li is live with the full story on this. good morning. >> good morning. >> this gay couple has been together for 11 years. they are legal spouses. now, they have filed that complaint with health and human services claiming that washington adventist hospital broke the law. >> i had an en helpic seizure while drive -- epileptic seizure while driving and crashed into a pole. that was the injury that cat suffered followed by what she calls an insult to her partner
8:35 am
linda cole. cat says when linda followed her ambulance to the e.r., she was stopped at the front desk and not allowed to be at her side until her sister arrived. >> so kristen goes up and says, hi, i'm kristen. my sister catherine has been admitted. i'd like to see her. the woman at the front desk says, we have family here now and let kristen back and kristen brought linda back. and as they were about to cross the doors, kristen took linda's hand and said, i know just what happened here. >> there was a serious misunderstanding between the staff and ms. cole as to the reason for her delay. >> reporter: joyce newmeyer is president of washington adventist hospital. let me first say that i'm very sorry that ms. coal felt anything less than valued when she came to the hospital because as a matter of both policy and practice, we treat all people who come through our door the same way, regardless
8:36 am
of their ethnicity, faith and sexual orientation. >> that's the new law that wept into effect by the federal government. that woman there did break the law. officials with the d.c. based human rights campaign are eager to get cat and lynn at that's story told. it's something that happens all too often even in 2012 with all the pro techs in health care, there still is this discriminal nation that occurs. >> but adventist says that linda was stopped by the realmist because cat was receiving e.r. treatment. >> our focus is solely on the patient. signs, that takes 30 minutes, 40 minute, depending upon the need of the patient. >> the human rights campaign
8:37 am
has polled hospitals. they said that washington adventist did not fill out the survey. the hospital's president says that the survey is news to her and is willing to fill it out. that's the latest here in takoma park. back to you. >> thank you so much. time right now is 8:36. it's about 8:37 on this friday among. if you drive down 270, you know it can be crowded over the weekend. >> now some officials have plans to ease the worst traffic jams. more on that when we come back first, this is the latest in that's my take. the latest on the guilty plea and now that's my take with wttg vice president and vice president duffy tire recently, one of three major investigations into thing as of high ranking elected officials in the district of columbia came to a momentous and emotional conclusion. councilman harry thomas, jr. pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $350,000 from the city, it taxpayers and indirect
8:38 am
lit youth of ward 5. this is in addition to filing false tax returns. its gratifying that this long running drama is over many some of that gratification comes from knowing that harry thomas, jr. denied for many months any wrongdoing even though he agreed to pay back to the city the funds he stole. now, we are waiting for the results the federal investigation into mayor gray's campaign spending and the investigation into whether campaign fund were probably accounted for in council chairman's kwame brown's 2008 campaign. in the meantime, the city council should take another step to address the dark cloud that seems to have taken up permanent residence over the john a. wilson building. it's time for the city to en ability a law that prohibits someone from running for office after they had been convicted of a felony. while i do not underestimate the power of forgiveness, nor to i doubt that someone can be truly rehabilitated, surely, we can elect trustworthy leaders who are not at the same timed with criminal records. closing the door to the future
8:39 am
possibility that we may see harry thomas, jr. and any other convicted felon running for office will go a long way in restoring the public trust and refurbishing our tarnished reputation. tell me what you think. that's my take. i'm not double-jointed. the first rule of roll cover is you gotta keep the cottonelle within arm's reach. good talk. learn to put the seat down. [ female announcer ] when it's cottonelle you take care of it with a jonathan adler roll cover.
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8:42 am
welcome back. coming on 8:42 now. driving on the shoulder on i- 270. some officials are pushing to make that legal to ease rush hour traffic jams. according to the fredericks news post, the city's transportation plan made the suggestion before the committee. it would involve the 13 most northern miles of the city. the project requires more discussion and a fees ability study. track work could slow you down on metro this weekend. on the red line, the medical center station will be shut down starting at 10:00 tonight. shuttle buses will run between bethesda and grovesnor. expect 20 minute delays. riders should expect delays on the on, blue and yellow lines. for more information on those delays, go to and
8:43 am
click on web link. coming up, we go one on one with merryl streep. >> and we have a one of a kind magic show that will debut ton. stay with us. it's pretty. fox 5 morning news will be right back. [ laughter ]. dainty. okay. ay. 
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are talking with merryl streep this morning about the new movie that is out in theaters right now, the iron lady. and merryl, congratulations first of all on your golden globe win. >> thank you very much. >> i want to talk a little bit about just in jen raw, i know that the movie is in theaters now but give us a little insight about the part that you play of margaret thatcher in the movie and what point of view this is coming from, the movie itself. >> well, you know, it's a sort of a human look, a humanitarian
8:47 am
look at a woman who is looked at as either a monster -- especially in the u.k -- or as an economic icon. and we were interested in looking at life from her point of view now as an old lady and to imagine what her point of view might be looking back at this very big challenging life that she had. and its cost. >> give me an idea from some of the interviews that i have seen, you are by no means a big fan of margaret thatcher going into this role. what was it like to prepare for the role? and how did it change your mind, or did it, coming out of this movie? >> well, there were so many surprises in my preparation. i mean, i didn't know anything
8:48 am
about margaret thatcher heading in except of the reduckative way that reductive way that i looked at her. i thought of her as a friend of reagan, somebody whose economic policies i did not agree with, funny hair, dowdy clothes, the way that women are so generous looking at each other in public life. and looking at her, the surprises were more, you know, more numerous. for instance, she was educated as a chemist at oxford, a scientist and an early proponent of global warming which i didn't know. she was vehemently pro choice. i spoke to someone who was in the room when she took our president and vice president quayle to task about using a woman's right to choose as a
8:49 am
political football. she was furious. there was no such thing the gay right. she had appointed homo sec shiewms to her cabinet and when there was a scandal, she said, stay by me all day and this will go away. really, really, really interesting. she briefed in the national health, never dreamed of dismantling it, something the right of britains to have health care all their lives. i was sort of really taken aback by the things that i learned about her. and, yet, she was responsible for a great economic boom in britain, post war britain was in a doll drum and she restored it to greatness at the cost of many, many who were least able to defend themselves and their livelihood. so very controversial still and really interesting. >> real quick, i know we don't
8:50 am
have a lot of time but can you sum up what it's like to try to play a real life person versus a fictional character? are there additional pressures? >> yeah, there are pressures and concerns. there were a lot of expectations that we would as filmmakers, crucify mrs. thatcher's legacy or prop it up in some try triumphantallist way. we wanted to know what it was like for a woman to beey electricked as prime minister in a time where women were not allowed in many much those positions. >> nice talking to you.
8:51 am
thanks, sarah. >> she remembered sarah's name. i like listening to her talk >> i like her very much. there is something else i like to say. annie yu is getting a backstage pass. how are you doing? talk about back standing at the elephant room. getting comfortable here. there is darryl hannah, louis magic and dennis. you have a lot of tricks really. i have seen a few. are you constantly working on your craft. constantly woking on our craft. we are constantly in rehearsal. we are always coming up with new material. for instance, right now, we are in residence at the arena stage here in washington, d.c. we've come up with a lot of new material that's just special for washington audience.
8:52 am
i see. >> and i think it's kind of rare that you see three i will liewgists working together. that's the thing. >> this is the gang here. how did you connect. >> because normally you see one magician. sometimes, two magicians. but never three magicians. we all met in buffalo, new york. the writers from this show, they were doing a research project about magic. they were dog -- they went to the convention to look at magicians. they met all the greats, you know. they med to paaz, derek delgado, michael murph. they talked to us and they asked us, would we like to be in their theater show. so we are doing this community theater show here at arena stage. we just had a ball. >> well, we had a lot of fun.
8:53 am
you can't preview a magic show without some. what have you got? >> i'd like to show you something that we call mentalism or men tall magic. i'm going to do this with you, annie. >> viewers at home can follow along, right? this should work for viewers at home. a little bit of math involved. >> i'm good at math. >> good. that's important. i want you to think of a secret number. any number between 12 and 10. don't forget it. this is your secret number. you got it? >> what i would like to you do, mullet fly that number by 2. have you got it? >> yes. you have arrived at a new number. we have about 45 secs left. >> add 8 to that. got it? >> yeah now what i want to you do, you have a whole new number, divide that in half. you should arrive at brand new number. now what i've got -- you already divided by 2? >> yes. >> how think of a letter and somebody strawct your orangeal
8:54 am
number, secret number from that. have you got it? >> you should arrive at a brand new, convert it to a letter of the alphabet. 1 would be a, p would be 2. >> think of any country that start with that letter. >> america. >> i wish -- >> don't tell it to me. >> oh, darn it. >> are you thinking of it. you are thinking of it. >> i can't change it. >> you folks think of that. think of the second letter of the name of that country. that's right. you are still following me along. the second letter think of an animal, big or small that begin with that letter. and now think of the color of that animal. >> okay. i think our viewers got it. i can sense it. >> if you want to come on, log on to our website. >> there aren't any elephants in denmark. >> is there a resolution to the trick? >> is there a resolution to the trick? >> bee don't know because
8:55 am
annie, you botched it. >> these guys are funny. >> thank you very much. >> it is now 8:54 on this friday morning many we are ready for some music. >> local r&b artist d' angelo reman who was on mtv will perform live and we'll examine the cultural bias over light and dark skinned african americans. ♪
8:56 am
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8:59 am
landscape is changing. one candidate is leaving and a new movie is making history. dark girl is the first film to be played in concert venues in washington. the new tour will come to washington, d.c. the one over ditty showing the nation's talent over making the band. d' angelo redman will perform for us later on in the show. >> sounds good. tucker warren is downstairs with a look at this day. might be some good news to report? >> later on, we might have a little bit of snow and sleet and freezing rain. we have some sunshine, cold temperature for the rest of the day. 35 right now in the city reaga


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